Hot Meals

Mohican Valley Door of Hope is one of a number of area churches that occasionally volunteers at the Sanctuary (SCA) in Danville to help provide hot meals to seniors. One week out of every three or four months a few of our church ladies go in and help dish up and pack the meals that will be delivered to clients in eastern Knox County, some of whom are bedridden or homebound. Serving hot meals is one of the main services the Sanctuary provides, and we enjoy being a small part of this ministry in the community.

Vacation Bible School

June is vacation Bible school month at Mohican Valley Door of Hope. Our VBS directors, teachers, music leaders, and drama team prepare well in advance for this five-evening event. Our goal is for the children to learn that the Bible is more than a dusty book of stories -- it is relevant today and its amazing message of salvation is true! Drama is usually a highlight, and our drama team puts in hours of practice. Children from our congregation and the community enjoy this fun-filled week, and we look forward to a time of interacting with local children and parents.

For a number of years, VBS was held at the Danville Park but has been moved to our church house where weather is less likely to hinder activities. All children ages 5-12 are welcome to join us for Bible lessons, crafts, games, music, drama, and more! Watch for posters around town or flyers that show VBS dates and times. If you have any questions, or need pickup for your children, please don't hesitate to contact us.